Do it For The Kids

Hey everybody, we all know that playing games is fun and stuff but did you know it can also help you change the world? It can! This year the Hypercats team is participating in the 24-hour gaming marathon known as Extra Life. It’s a charity event to raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. And to encourage you to donate, we’re holding a raffle – for every $1 donation, you will receive one entry to win this awesome Silver Torgue Blaster from Borderlands 2.

We’ll also be doing some combination of live-stream and live-blogging during the event so keep your eye on the blog, Facebook, and Twitter for that info.

Please donate, and good luck in the raffle!

Extra Life Raffle

All Aboard the Hype Train

The Electronic Entertainment Expo – or E3 for short – takes place in June and it is one of the most eagerly-awaited yearly events for video games. Last year, this was the event where both Microsoft and Sony had their big Xbox One-Playstation 4 showdown, which the internet promptly decided that Sony won.

This year it is June 10-12 so the hype train is in full force with everyone shoveling coal into the furnaces to generate more power. It’s a time of magic, mystery, and lots of really cool displays and statues and stuff. The displays alone would be worth going for but of course I won’t be able to attend. However that won’t stop me from sharing what I’m most looking forward to!

E3 Next Gen 2013

REUTERS/Patrick T. Fallon

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Facebook Buys Occulus Rift, Internet Explodes in Fury


Graphic courtesy Oculus VR Facebook page

I have to admit that I was skeptical at first. Although I am on Facebook all the time and enjoy it for the most part, the social network’s increasing bad-guy big-brother vibe is getting creepier every day. But I tried to approach the buyout with an open mind. After some debate, I’ve made up my mind that it’s a good thing for Oculus and for the future of Virtual Reality (VR) – both in gaming and in other applications.   Continue reading

Conventions yeah?

We’ve got our spring convention calendar figured out. Let us know if you’ll be attending any of these so we can meet up!

Midwest Gaming Classic, April 12 & 13: We’ve been living in Wisconsin forever and it’s the first time we’ve ever heard of this convention but it sounds like it will be awesome.

C2E2 April 25-27: This Chicago con used to be centered around comics and superheroes but has now blossomed into a full entertainment geekfest. The crowd is a little more grown up so the vibe is more chill and respectful. There isn’t as much cosplay but what there is tends to extremely ambitious and often impeccably executed. They’ve added an official “Heroes of Cosplay” contest this year.

Anime Central May 16-18: This is the con we’ve been attending for the longest – just about since the beginning – and it’s one of the few cons we bring our cosplays to. The plan so far is for Red Lucy to do Assassin’s Creed III on Friday, Maleficent and Wyldstyle on Saturday, and MeowyMeowMeow to do Borderlands on Saturday.

AC CosplayMaleficentWyldstyle   Axton

Update time! Decals! Vinyl Wraps! Explosions!

We’ve been working with a professional-grade printable vinyl lately and it’s some pretty awesome stuff! I was able to design and print out different logos, decals, and full Nerf gun vinyl wraps to help me with making Borderlands-style Nerf guns for cosplay. Also, I’m getting better at product photography!







The custom vinyl and customized Nerf guns will be in our shop soon (like right now) with more to come! There’s so many paint schemes and guns that I want to work with!

Mad Moxxi belt buckle now available

We have been so busy lately with barely any time to write, but we do have a brand new item for sale, and we hope you enjoy it – It’s Mad Moxxi’s belt buckle! Photos don’t really do it justice so we’re going to try to take some better pics soon, but it’s on sale now so get your holiday shopping done early!